Youngstown State University

Computer Club

cover image from hack ysu 2022

Who We Are

The YSU Computer Club is a home for anyone with an interest in the world of computing. Whether it is gaming, programming, hardware, or robotics, all are welcome regardless of background and experience.

What we do

We are most known for our annual hackathon: HackYSU, a 36-hour competition where participants work together to create a project in just one weekend. This is a great opportunity for networking, a chance to demonstrate your skills, and an overall fun weekend to hangout!

We also host smaller events throughout the semester, including Local Hack Day, a chance to experience a hackathon without the 36-hour commitment in a more laid-back environment, and several minor gaming competitions. Anyone is welcome to participate in these for a chance to win some prizes and merch!

cover image from hack ysu 2022

How To Join

Here at the YSU Computer Club most of our operations take place via Discord, we strongly recommend anyone who plans on being apart of our student organization to please consider joining our Discord server.

To join, go to Campus Groups and click the "Join" button, then login with your YSU credentials.

If you have any questions email us at for more information.